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What Makes an Organization Qualified?

Here is the criteria for eligibility:

  • Be nominated by a current member. A "Current Member" is someone who has joined, completed at least one Donation Cycle, and pledges to commit to at least four quarters at $100 per quarter. Member completes the Nonprofit Nomination Form.

  • Be based in and serve the Charleston tri-county area.

  • Be a registered 501c3 nonprofit or charitable organization eligible to provide tax receipts for donations.  

  • Be established for at least 1 full year (no start-ups).  

  • Complete the Nonprofit Agreement Form prior to being nominated. 

  • Agree to send a representative to attend our next quarterly meeting and present how funds were/will be used.

  • Agree not to use, give, or sell the contact information of our members for additional solicitation by them or other organizations.

  • Not be National or International nonprofit, programs or organizations unless they can commit to designating 100% of our donation to the Charleston tri-county area. Our focus is on local nonprofits where our contributions make an impact.

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