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Top 10 Reasons to Join

#10   Our meetings last just one hour—TOPS!!

#9    This is major fundraising without having to plan or attend yet another fundraising event.

#8    You will meet fascinating women, all involved in interesting careers and activities.

#7    You will learn about a wide variety of local charities some of which you might not know.

#6    You will get to see exactly what impact your donation has made when representatives of the chosen charities come to a subsequent meeting to explain how they used the donation.

#5    You will be able to nominate local organizations about which you are passionate and let others know about their good work.

#4    You will be able to have an impact on your community, even if you personally can not commit a lot of time to volunteering.

#3    100% of your donation goes directly to the charity.

#2    You can greatly increase the dollar impact of your own contribution on your local community by pooling it with the contributions of other women.

And the #1 reason to join? . . . It just makes you feel good!

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